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Saint Crispin

Shoemaking has a long history and one that is rich in tradition. Within the trade itself -- among shoe and bootmakers -- the legends, the traditions, and the history really began with Saint Crispin.

Saint Crispin is the patron saint of shoemakers. Since medieval times, October 25th has been celebrated as Saint Crispin's Day and the Shoemaker's Holiday. In the past, boot and shoemakers traditionally closed their shops on this day, in celebration and commemoration. Actually, there are two stories that seem to be the same...one in England, one in France.

Saint Crispin and his twin brother, Crispinian, were born into a wealthy Roman family in the third century A.D. Somewhere fairly early on, they converted to Christianity. Since this was not an approved lifestyle for a noble Roman, legend says that they were disinherited. Forced to fall back upon their own resources, Saint Crispin (not yet a saint) and his twin became shoemakers. The legend is that they preached Christianity during the day and made shoes at night.

St. Crispin